Leather Gifts serving as best corporate gifts

Best items for offering in corporate gifts.

Leather gifts are the most attractive gifts running in trends for corporate environment.

JD technology has a huge supply of quality premium gifts for him/her, personal gifting, it sector gift set.

We do have a series of products in leather accessories:-

  • Leather Coasters: – Leather coasters are completely a good sort of option to include in corporate gifting.


  • Round Coasters: Available with a radius of 95mm.

Leather Type-PU or genuine leather.


  • Octagon Coasters: – Available with as size of 95H x 95L mm.

Leather Type-PU or genuine leather.


  • Square Coasters:- Available with a dimension of 100H* 100L mm

Leather Type: PU or Genuine Leather.


  • Leather Gift Set: – Passport holder and Luggage tag.

Leather Type: Full grain leather

Size of the Gift set: 136 x 97 mm

Packaging Type: Black gift box


  • Leather ID card Holder:-Most demanding in every sector. Showcasing a real tag of about your personality.1385543760_M01-AP5018.jpg
  • Leather Key Fobs: – It can be used in way for gifting, i.e liked by everyone to gift.


  • Leather Name Card Holders:-Name Card Holder are best to gift and an easy way of promoting brand awareness.
  • Leather Passport Holders:-Get complete safety for your passport by using leather passport holder.
  • Leather Photo frames:-Photo frames build with dual leather frame set having 3R, 4R, 5R and 8R. Easy to get photo fit into the frame.1379580887_M01-PF
  • Leather Pouches:-Leather Pouches are meant to serve for different purpose. You can use it in any preferred way.
  • Leather Traveler Wallets:-Keep your card, document and all necessary documents in one single safe place. These wallets can handle your necessary documents, pens, cards, id cards.
  • Leather Wallets: – Leather wallets are most loveable gifts counted in the category of offering to him.



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